What We Do

At Preferred EAP we restore personal and workplace well-being.

When things go wrong for individuals, groups or entire organizations, Preferred EAP is there to restore well-being -- one person, one group, one organization at a time. 

We counsel individuals, couples and groups overwhelmed by life’s challenges and demands. 

We coach managers worried by unusual employee behavior or struggling with personal goal achievement. 

We consult with organizations to prepare-for, respond-to and recover-from critical events.                            

Since 1985, we have conducted hundreds of workshops, coached innumerable managers and employees, and counseled over 30,000 individuals, couples and families from more than 70 partner organizations.

And we get results. For example, 70% of "last chance" employees are on-the-job one year after a Preferred EAP intervention and 94% of clients report positive outcomes and satisfaction with the Preferred EAP experience.