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We’ve all been though a lot in the last two years. Even under normal circumstances, life can be overwhelming. Preferred EAP is inviting you to consider us your compassionate partner in managing the stressful times. Whether you and your employees have concerns related to returning to the workplace, managing stress, substance abuse, illness, or loss, we can help. Our licensed professionals are ready to provide the caring, experienced, confidential support you need.


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What We Do

In short, we help restore workplace well-being.

We counsel individuals, couples and groups overwhelmed by life's challenges and demands.

We coach managers worried by unusual employee behavior or struggling with personal goal achievement.

We consult with organizations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from critical events.

And we deliver results.

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For Employers

Improved employee productivity, engagement, and safety depends on employee well-being.

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For Employees

The odds of moving through life without encountering stressful situations are zero.

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Latest News

March 09, 2022

Continued Decline in Covid Deaths and New Cases

Preferred EAP counselors are available for both in-person or telephone/virtual sessions. We have reinstated onsite training and development sessions with safety protocols in place, such as face masks and social distancing.

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Upcoming Workshops

March 21, 2023

Reasonable Suspicion: Managing Substance Abuse in the Workplace

The responsible and legally compliant way to approach substance use in the workplace is through determination of “Reasonable Suspicion,” which is based on specific observations. It requires training so your supervisors know what to look for and how to manage the process. In this webinar, Preferred EAP Program Director, Carolyn Lamparella, EdS, LPC, explains how to recognize substance abuse and the steps involved in the Reasonable Suspicion process, including assessment by a substance abuse professional, testing, and treatment recommendations and follow-up.

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