For Employees

The chances of any of us moving through life without encountering some sort of personal problem or crisis – work issues, divorce, drug abuse, grief – are zero.

All of us have bad days. We all experience stress, difficulty and rough times. It’s inevitable. Usually we muster our own resources, marshal our supports systems and meet the challenge.

But when the bad day becomes a bad month, when normal becomes distress, our own resources and supports may not be quite enough. And when this happens there is no reason to go it alone. 

Preferred EAP provides employees and with professional, accessible, confidential, and cost-free counseling and coaching to address and resolve a wide range of personal and professional challenges.

Our pledge of personal attention in service delivery is ensured by our innovative feedback informed treatment process. As a result, the help-seeking experience is qualitatively superior, so people stay with it, get better and feel better about themselves and their employers.  


Counseling – talking with a professional – can help you resolve a temporary crisis or better cope with an ongoing challenge. Whether the issue is related to a personal relationship or a workplace stressor, a confidential, goal-directed conversation with an experienced, well-trained counselor can help you get your life back on track.

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Preferred EAP staff will work with you telephonically, via teleconference and in-person to enhance personal growth, achieve individual goals and increase life satisfaction. We also offer a wide range of Wellness Workshops.

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Not sure how to address a new challenge or deal with a new stressor? Need help developing a clearer perspective? Now you can use Express Consult to review the situation with an objective, knowledgeable third-party.

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