At Preferred EAP we offer in-person and virtual counseling and coaching for a wide array of personal problems – for almost anything that can turn stress into distress, a bad day into a bad week.

Our counseling services are:

  • Confidential - No one, not family or employer, gets any information about anyone’s use of our services without your expressed consent.
  • Professional - All our counselors are Masters level, seasoned clinicians.
  • Readily available - Most times appointments are offered within 3 days or the same day for urgent matters. We offer day and evening appointments.
  • Accessible - We are conveniently located off a major highway in west Allentown. Out-of-area employees have access to our national provider network for in person counseling.
  • No cost to you - All services offered are entirely funded by your employer.



Assessment & Brief Counseling

Your first counseling session will focus on understanding the concerns you most want to discuss and determining the best way to address them. Your counselor will learn as much as possible about the problem you’re experiencing and the impact it’s having on you, your relationships and your work life. And, most importantly what you want to accomplish by coming here. The end result is a practical, mutually-agreed-upon plan of action.

Subsequent sessions – up to the level of your EAP benefit – may be used for brief counseling. Over the years almost 2/3rds of our clients have resolved their problem to their satisfaction in this fashion.

For more severe problems, a referral for continued, additional services may be made. When this occurs, we will we will assist in you in making that decision and work with you to ensure coverage by your health plan.

Stress Management

When you hear the word “stress”, what comes to mind – pounding heart, rapid breathing, sweaty palms, poor concentration, difficulty controlling your emotions:  all signs of a typical stress response. 

But did you know that the way you view stress has a significant impact on the way it affects you. If you see stress as all bad, you are far more likely to experience it as such. However, those who view it as a manageable challenge tend to experience far fewer stress related ailments. 

Additionally, those who reach out and connect with others during stressful times become much more resilient to stress over time while those who try to cope with stress in isolation often feel worse.

So remember that when life’s challenges become too great and the stress starts to overwhelm you,  Preferred EAP is there to help.

Research has shown that simply talking about your concerns with a counselor can help you feel less burdened and more able to cope with future challenges. 

Our counselors are ready to assist you with identifying better ways to handle stress and developing a more positive outlook about future challenges that come your way.

Crisis Intervention

Crises have a way of occurring on there own time and on their own terms.

So Preferred EAP is available 24/7/365 via a live-answering-service and a counselor on call.

Appointment time is set aside daily for crisis situations.

Conflict Resolution

Wherever people work or live together, conflict is inevitable.

The crucial choice is whether or not conflict is used constructively or is allowed to destructively spiral downward. At Preferred EAP we act as a trusted, neutral third party using facilitating and consensus-building skills to help people find creative, win-win solutions to disagreements.

Phone Counseling

If you are having difficulty commuting to and from our offices or finding the time for in-office appointments, you can schedule phone counseling sessions instead.

While we still want to meet with you in-person for the first session, subsequent meetings can be accomplished via phone.

Please discuss this option with your EAP counselor.


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