Preferred EAP offers a suite of workplace-specialized interventions customized to meet your unique needs.

Critical Incident Management

Manage the crisis rather than having it manage you!

The sudden death of a colleague, accidents, violence, downsizing all qualify as critical incidents that can cause distress and chaos in the workplace if not met with an organized professional response.

The corporate-wide visibility of these events coupled with their sensitive nature and unpredictability demands the application of experienced and specialized resources to enhance resilience and mitigate long term effects.

Preferred EAP helps you manage the crisis via planned and timely interventions including:

  • Corporate consultation and response planning
  • Large group crisis management briefing
  • One-to-one crisis counseling
  • Small group defusing sessions
  • Formal critical incident debriefing sessions
  • Individual and group follow-up

Conflict Resolution

Wherever people work together, conflict is inevitable. The crucial choice then is whether or not conflict is used constructively or is allowed to destructively spiral downward.  

Carolyn Lamparella, Preferred EAP’s Clinical Manager, has been helping co-workers in conflict successfully resolve their differences since 2004. 

Acting as a trusted, neutral third party and using her well-honed listening, facilitating and consensus building skills, she helps people find creative, win-win solutions to disagreements about the way work should be done, interpersonal disputes and general harassment problems.

Preferred Conflict Resolution Services offer an effective, sensible and efficient process for parties to maintain direct control and informally settle disputes in the workplace.

Workplace Behavior Management

Violence and other inappropriate behavior is a growing workplace problem.

Preferred EAP provides a range of workplace behavior management solutions including:

  • Developing Threat Response and Crisis Management Teams

  • Conducting potential-for-violence assessments

  • Workshops for employees
    • Anger management
    • Dealing with conflict
    • Overcoming negativity
  • Workshops for managers
    • Violence awareness
    • Programs focusing on management responsibility to identify and effectively address emerging situations and issues.
  • Promotion of Preferred EAP as a vehicle for early intervention and assistance for those concerned about their own behavior or emotional state.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services

Preferred EAP has two DOT-certified Substance Abuse Professionals on staff and is very well positioned to respond to workplace substance abuse effectively and efficiently. 

We're here to help restore workplace well-being.

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