How We Can Help

Life’s challenges affect individuals and families, but also employers and co-workers. Worries or depression can lead to disengagement and mistakes – and escalate to disruptive and unsafe workplace behaviors. There are right ways and wrong ways to address and resolve these issues. With timely advice from experts you trust, serious and costly mistakes can be avoided.

At Preferred EAP, we understand that an EAP should be more than an employee benefit. So we partner with organizational stakeholders, applying proven interventions and clinical expertise to meet the challenges associated with the human side of doing business.

Workplace-specialized services include:


  • Conflict Resolution Effective, sensible and efficient processes to help you get back on track when co-workers in conflict have derailed productivity
  • Critical Incident Managment - Accidents, violence, downsizings all qualify as critical incidents and require a specialized professional response to mitigate long term effects
  • Substance Abuse Professional Services - Prevent and respond to workplace substance abuse effectively and efficiently
  • Workplace Wellness Services - More than 15 different programs designed to enhance employee well-being, avert workplace crises, improve communication and employee engagement, and assist managers with the human side of doing business


Professional coaching offers managers the opportunity to take a fresh look at the problems and concerns they face every day. Coaching can increase confidence, enhance problem-solving and improve interpersonal communication skills.

Preferred EAP staff work with managers and executives telephonically, via teleconference and in-person to substantially increase their performance at work and satisfaction in their personal lives.

Coaching can also be used to develop and implement detailed personal action plans based on the principles, strategies and techniques outlined in our Professional Development and Wellness Workshops.

Details can be found here for Reasonable Suspicion Testing and Training.


When you have a troubled employee you invariably also have manager equally troubled about what to do to help.  Troubled employee situations represent the most difficult aspect of managing people. Preferred EAP supplies a means to quickly, privately and effectively address such concerns – often before job performance is affected – while avoiding the all-to-common pitfall of over involvement.

Now you can use Express Consult to access an expert.

Program Promotion

For EAP services to be used, eligible populations must be regularly informed and organizational stakeholders need to buy-in. So Preferred EAP supplies regular digital promotional materials, offers employee orientation sessions and supervisor training programs delivered in person or via tele-conferencing. Printed promotional materials are also provided.