The Preferred EAP Advantage

We are the EAP of choice for over 50 local organizations. What makes us preferred?

Many EAPs are little more than a telephone line appended to health care plans. Preferred EAP, on the other hand, has retained a 30-year focus on personalized, comprehensive and responsive service - delivered to both employees and employers.

We restore workplace well-being with personal attention, expertise and responsiveness. How we do what we do is what sets us apart from other EAP resources.

While we are part of a large healthcare system, we are small enough to offer personal attention and customized solutions to organizational stakeholders. With Preferred EAP, you get a relationship with a person, not a call center and when you need to talk you have dedicated staff, not a website chat room.

Our staff are seasoned experts at client-centered, solution-focused counseling and practical problem-solving. The introduction of Feedback Informed Treatment enhances years of experience to achieve better results.

Preferred EAP has built a reputation for responsive service delivery by doing what we must, when we must. We are there 24/7/365 and real people always answer the phone. Appointments are generally offered within 3 days or less. And with Express Consult counselors are readily available by phone for managers and employees alike.

In our service area, no other local employee counseling service is EAP-dedicated, health network-affiliated, has a similar staff-model and is independent of insurance companies.

  • EAP-DEDICATED: At Preferred EAP employee assistance is all we do. This means we can focus full-time on helping your employees find and implement practical and timely solutions to the problems that bring them to us. It also means that we understand and appreciate the performance and productivity concerns of the organizations that sponsor our services.
  • HEALTH NETWORK-AFFILIATED: Preferred EAP is a division of Lehigh Valley Health Network meaning we have access to the support and resources of the area’s premier health care system.  And we are expected not-only to maintain, but to enhance the reputation of our parent institution.
  • STAFF MODEL: Services are provided by our staff working from our offices. This means that a single telephone call is all that’s needed to initiate service and arrange appointments. It also means that people in crisis will be offered an appointment within 24-hours of contacting us, almost always on the same day.
  • INDEPENDENT: We have no association with insurance companies or care-management groups and none of the conflict of interest inherent with such associations.    
  • LOCAL: We are a Lehigh Valley based organization and as such are intimately familiar with the history and culture of the “Valley” and thoroughly knowledgeable about the behavioral health providers available for continued care in the community.