Why Have an Employee Assistance Program?

Personal problems are organizational problems. When your employees suffer personally, your company suffers economically.

  • Family crises keep people from getting to work on time or at all.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse endanger the abusing employee and co-workers, customers, or patients.
  • Harassment exposes the organization to legal and regulatory liabilities.

When these issues – personal or work-based – are unresolved they result in lower quality and quantity of work as well as poor morale and unnecessary or increased employee turnover.

Studies conducted by Preferred EAP reveal that:

1)  51% of all employees accessing Preferred EAP report that their job performance has been affected by their personal problem.

2)  12.3 hours per month is the average lost time due to “troubled employees”.

3)  54% of lost hours are restored to productivity subsequent to Preferred EAP intervention.

So it should be clear that an EAP that delivers early intervention and timely problem resolution will have a positive effect on operational costs.

In addition, there is the intrinsic worth of a job saved, a life restored and the gratitude of an employee.  

Finally, there is the value inherent in providing managers with another tool to help deal with troubled employees, perhaps the most difficult and unwelcome task of organizational leaders.